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Divemaster 380 ,00

Become a Divemaster with us!
You know it, you feel it, it is a sure thing: since you started diving you have not been able to stop. It is clear you have a diving vocation. ¡Convert your passion into your profession!
In Submares we offer you the possibility of getting certified as a Divemaster while you gain valuable practical training working in the center with us: a unique opportunity that will enrich you as an autonomous diver and as a professional.

Instructor Course

Instructor Course
Dive Control Specialist

Dive Control Specialist

Enroll in a Dive Control Specialist program or enter the program as a
Divemaster from any approved agency. After you are certified you can
teach Scuba Skills Update, Snorkeling and Try Scuba (pool only) and you
can even upgrade Training Specialist - a further step at your career

Training Specialist

Training Specialist

A Dive Control Specialist can become a Training Specialist and teach
certain SSI specialties by simply purchasing the training materials and
co-teaching that Specialty with an SSI Instructor. These SSI Specialty
programs include: Boat Diving, Digital Underwater Photography,
Navigation, Perfect Buoyancy, and many more.