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Cheque Regalo 50 eu

Cheque Regalo 50 eu
Try Scuba

Try Scuba 50 ,00

With Try Scuba you will learn to breath underwater and you will live an unforgettable experience. Dive down into a completely new world, full of spectacular sceneries, rock formations and a wonderfully diverse marine wildlife. It is a perfect plan to do on your own or with your couple, your family or friends, and even with your job mates. To practice this activity you don’t need to have any type of diving licence. So, let’s go diving and enjoy your new underwater adventure!

Open Water Course

Open Water Course 320 ,00

Doing the Open Water course you will learn everything you need to make diving fun and safe. You will earn total confidence in yourself and in your habilities, and you will learn how to make plenty of fun of your underwater adventures. Incredible dives in Tossa de Mar are waiting for you too, you will be able to see huge fish shoals, all sizes of octopuses and moraines, lobsters and so many other marine species that live around the area. When you finish your course you will get your international diving licence, which will allow you to dive your whole live everyin the world down to 18m deep.

Gift Voucher 25 eu

Gift Voucher 25 eu 25 ,00

Do you want to make a diving present and you do not know what to choose?
With this gift voucher you will have the perfect solution! Its
beneficiary can choose the present he or she wants depending o his/her
preferences and needs. It can also be used for courses or other
activities that take place in Submares.
Gift Voucher valid until 31.04.2014