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Tossa de Mar

Tossa de Mar

Mar Menuda Beach

Tossa is well known since the Roman times , when they used to call it Turissa. There is a small promontory in Tossa’s bay, where there is a medieval walled precinct called ’Vila Vella’ (which could be translated as ’The Old Village’). It has seven circular towers and its origen dates from the XII century. It was builded to avoid pirate atacks. Inside the precinct we find a church’s ruins and the governors palace from the XIV century.

Near the precinct there are the archaeological finds of the Roman village from the IV century, called ’The Roman Village of the Almond trees’. There’s a museum inside with archaeological collections as well as local and foreign paintings, sculptures and glass.

In 1950, Ava Gardner and James Mason arrived to the small town to shoot the movie ’Pandora and the flying Dutchman’, and that bring certain fame to the town. In the movie, Tossa’s town was called ’Hope’.

Marc Chagall gave Tossa the magic name of ’Blue Paradise’ in 1933.

Tossa de Mar is considered one of the prettiest areas of the Mediterranean coast due to its spectacular landscapes. It is meant to be the small ’Blue Paradise’ indeed, and it surprises us with its crystal waters and lovely beaches.

Places to visit
· The Old Village walls
· Can Magi’s Tower
· Sans House
· The Chapel of the ’Virgen del Socorro’
· Roman Villages
· Saint Vicent’s Church
· Saint Michael’s Hospital

Tossa’s gastronomy
Restaurants in Tossa de Mar offer a great and diverse mediterranean gastronomy.

Fish and sea food are undoubtly the most important ingredients in Tossa’s gastronomy. Dishes have mainly food, but also vegetables and different meats, so often coocked in casseroles. The base tends to be the stir-fry and the final touch is given by th characteristics minceds.

Some of the most famous recipes is Tossa de Mar are the ’Cim i Tomba’ (which is a monkfish stew) or noodles. In the desserts fields, the most traditional sweets are the ’Windy fritters’.

In Tossa, the secrets of homemade food have passed from mothers to daughers, but also from fishing captains to young sailors. We can taste all those wonderful old receipes in the most romantic village of Costa Brava.