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Enjoy your underwater adventures with us!

What do we offer?
More than 30 different diving points to fit your level.
Dives from the Shore and by Boat, Special dives and Collective dives.

Why Submares?
Submares has a Professional Boat: a 4 times Valiant with a silence enginer.
Our guides are professional divers that will make you have fun. They know the area and the best diving points very well.
We will drive you with our van to the beach so that you don’t have to carry the equipment.
All the material for renting is renewed every year so that you can always have the best quality products.
The center facilities are modern, clean and comfortable.

What sort of advantatges do I have if I dive in Submares?
Every activity you do with Submares will accumulate in your own disccount system, which you can see on-line.
You can book on-line at any time of the day.
As a client you can keep your equipment in the centre the whole day. As a centre member, you will be allowed to do so for the whole season.