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Carry on with your formation

Carry on with your formation

For Beginners

You can take all sort of courses with us. We offer every level from different education systems, such as PADI, SSI, CMAS y TDI. All these systems’ certifications have international value. The courses will be done in Tossa de Mar and you can take them with full flexibility.

Profesional Courses

If you enjoy diving as much that you even dream with it, what could be better than passing on that passion?
Becoming a Professional Diver is a dream that you can make come true. Make a career doing what you love the most.
Find out how to do it here!

Tek diving

Rediscover diving to a point where not everyone arrives. Find out the most amazing depths’ mysteries thanks to longer trips and deco stops.

Local Diving

The best dives with the best troupe! We offer more than 30 different diving points for all levels divers. The dives can be done from the shore or by boat. Our boat is a 7,5m Profesional Zodiak with a silence engine. We also organize special and collective trips.

Advanced 30 Mts

Advanced 30 Mts 280 ,00

Do not stop now! You can learn much more with the Advanced Open Water course, which will make you enjoy new and better experiences.
It is the right moment for you to dive in the sea at night or to try underwater scooter navigation. Maybe you would like to learn some underwater photography techniques, or you may want to improve your buoyancy skills. You will also dive deeper and discover new emotions and even more marine species. And, of course, we will teach you how to orientate underwater so that you can enjoy a better control in each dive.

Advanced and Nitrox

Advanced and Nitrox 360 ,00

Along this course you will improve the techniques you learned in the inferior level and you will learn some new ones that will make you improve as a completely autonomous diver.
You will do several types of dives: with Enriched Air Nitrox, deep dives (down to 30m), navigation, night dives and perfect buoyancy.
You will learn all the theory and the techniques to use Nitrox, which will allow you to increase safely your diving time without deco stops beyond the established limits when you dive with air.


Nitrox 180 ,00

Diving with enriched air nitrox allows you to safely increase your no stop time beyond the no decompression limits established for air diving. Diving with enriched air means more time underwater, but you need to be certified as an Enriched Air Diver to get enriched air fills.

Advanced 40 Mts

Advanced 40 Mts 360 ,00

Learn more with the Advanced course and the deep diving speciality.
Along this course you will improve all the techniques you learned in the inferior course and will enjoy new experiences underwater. You will do 6 dives, thanks to which you will learn how to orientate underwater, to dive at night, you will improve your buoyancy and learn how to use the emergency buoy. You will also do 2 deep dives, which will make you live new emotions (you may want to visit a reck?) and will make you discover new and fascinating criatures the depths.

Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver 280 ,00

Demanding and rewarding are the best descriptions for the Rescue Diver course. This course increases your level of knowledge and experience. The Rescue Divers learn to look beyond themselves and consider the safety and well being of other divers. Although this course is challenging, it is a rewarding way to build up your confidence.

Reright and first aid

Reright and first aid 120 ,00

Take a step toward emergency preparedness and meet the prerequisites for the Rescue Diver course. Making an effective first aid training and CPR gives you the confidence to respond to medical emergencies, not just in the diving world, but also in day to day with the people around you.


Divemaster 380 ,00

Become a Divemaster with us!
You know it, you feel it, it is a sure thing: since you started diving you have not been able to stop. It is clear you have a diving vocation. ¡Convert your passion into your profession!
In Submares we offer you the possibility of getting certified as a Divemaster while you gain valuable practical training working in the center with us: a unique opportunity that will enrich you as an autonomous diver and as a professional.

Underwater video

Underwater video 240 ,00

Other than taking someone diving, there’s only one way to show people the sounds, motion and dynamics of the underwater world: video.
This course shows you how to create interesting and entertaining videos that are worth seeing again and again.

Deep Diving

Deep Diving 180 ,00

After your first few dives, you will soon want to explore a bit deeper. There’s something exciting and mysterious about the depth that attracts divers.
To dive deep you have to take into account special care and master skills and knowledge to ensure that you can enjoy these dives. This specialty familiarizes you with this precise knowledge.

Night dive

Night dive

Night dives are the favourite ones of many divers. Surrounded by the black magic of water and beams of moonlight that reach deep, diving at night is like flying in the water, discovering infinite mysteries armed only with a flashlight. The marine life is transformed by night, and countless creatures that remain invisible under the sun, like most predators.


Navigation 240 ,00

Be the diver everyone wants to follow and make your sense of direction legendary with the Underwater Navigator course.
Finding your way is not just luck! When everyone goes buzzing around a reef or examining a wreck, they are having a great time - until it is time to leave. Then they look at you, because as an Underwater Navigator, you are the one who knows the way back.

Perfect buoyancy

Perfect buoyancy

A perfect buoyancy is the key to a good dive.
with this course you will learn how to gain perfect buoyancy, which will make you feel more confident underwater, use less air and energy so you can enjoy 100% of your dives.

Wreck diving

Wreck diving 240 ,00

It doesn’t matter if it has been sunk on purpose as an artificial reef or if it was the result of an accident, wrecks are fascinating windows to the past. Most divers found in sunken ships, planes and even cars an almost irresistible attraction because they are interested in exploring and aquatic life that usually lives in them. This course teaches you about responsible and rewarding wreck diving.

Underwater photography

Underwater photography

Using a digital camera is not difficult: anyone can do it. But things get complicated when the goal is to get a nice shot underwater. Creativity and a good camera are not enough, you also need to have technical knowledge that can be obtained in this Underwater Photography course.

Science of diving

Science of diving

The science of diving gathers all the knowledge in an easy and detailed way to understand: decompression, aquatic scenery, diving equipment, the physics, and the physiology of diving.
If you want to add knowledge to your favorite sport or you want to become a professional diver - The science of diving program is what you need!

Boat diving

Boat diving

In this course you will learn the techniques to dive safely by boat and have fun with them. You will be able to visit new dive sites that are further the shore, you will get to know new sea beds and aquatic species. The course includes 2 boat dives which can be completed in 1 or 2 days.
To be able to do this course, you need to have the Open Water course certification.

AOW with 8 dives

AOW with 8 dives

In this course you will be able to choose 4 specialities! You can choose: buoyancy, night diving, deep diving, wreck diving, scooter, nitrox, search and rescue, side mount, underwatwer photography or underwater video, boat diving and many more! You will complete two dives for each speciality (8 dives in total), you will learn and practice the diving techniques the specialities you choose. This course is very exciting and complete!
You need to have the Open Water certification to be able to complete this course.


Scooter 180 ,00

Experience an unimagined speed under the water! With the scooter you can see more underwater territory in less time and using less air and energy... and it's great fun!!!
The course includes 2 scooter dives which can be completed in 1 or 2 days.
You need to have the Open Water certification to be able to do this course.

Equipment techniques

Equipment techniques 120 ,00

Learn how to fix and manipulate your equipment.